Vintage Nurseries

FdG led the recapitalization of Vintage Nurseries in June 2001 to provide the Company’s founders with significant liquidity while allowing them to retain a sizeable interest in Vintage on a tax-deferred basis. Vintage is a leading grapevine nursery for the wine, table, raisin and juice grape industries. The Company, headquartered in Wasco, California, supplies dormant field-grown benchgrafts, greenhouse-grown benchgrafts and dormant rootstock rootings to grape growers who demand rootstock which displays tolerance to various diseases and soil-borne pests, and imparts desirable growth characteristics, such as vigor and drought tolerance. Vintage is recognized within the grapevine nursery industry as a high quality, low-cost producer, with a reputation for strong customer service and for product and manufacturing innovation.

The Company’s domestic strategy is to further penetrate the California wine grape industry while increasing its supply of rootstock to table grape and raisin grape growers through an enhanced sales and marketing effort. Vintage also intends to develop a sales and marketing presence in other high-growth grape growing regions. Vintage has taken a leadership role in the consolidation of the rootstock industry by acquiring Sonoma Grapevines, one of the oldest and largest nurseries in the industry.

In November 2010, FdG’s interest in Vintage Nurseries was redeemed by the Company in a leveraged recapitalization. Vintage intends to continue its expansion into both domestic and international grape producing regions.