Our Strategy

Our goal is to identify outstanding businesses with unrealized potential and, with each investment, to build a partnership with operating management that enables the company to maximize that potential.

Bringing the ideals of our founding families, our prior experience with many other companies and our energy and commitment to each investment, we see our firm as more than a source of equity capital: we are an active partner able to provide companies with practical management tools, creative problem solving and strategic, long-term thinking.

The wide-ranging business experience of FdG’s principals in investment banking, leveraged finance, consulting and accounting, along with our extensive professional networks, provides our portfolio companies with unique resources. By combining FdG’s resources and the broad business perspectives of our principals with management’s in-depth knowledge of a company and its markets, we are able to identify opportunities that might not otherwise be apparent.

Our goal as partners is not to operate the businesses in which we invest, but to be active as directors, providing a sounding board and working collaboratively with management to solve strategic problems and to identify and pursue opportunities. The breadth of our collective business experience helps us to understand the challenges companies face in managing people and organizations through all stages of growth.