About Us

FdG was originally formed as a vehicle for our founding partners, the Fisher and de Gunzburg families, to invest their own money.

  • Fisher Brothers is one of the preeminent developers and owners of office buildings in Manhattan.
  • The de Gunzburgs are a branch of the Bronfman family, founders of The Seagram Company.

Today, our founders and their families still provide a significant portion of the capital that has been committed to FdG, along with a select group of other families and institutional investors. However, even as we have expanded our investor base, we have always remained dedicated to the values of our founders.

Our Values

Integrity – We value our reputation for integrity built over many years–we treat those we encounter in our business dealings as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Communication – We understand the importance of direct and candid communication with decision-makers.

Responsiveness – FdG’s principals are attentive, accessible and able to move quickly and decisively.

These values offer advantages to our management partners and investors, as well as to the investment bankers and other intermediaries who provide many of our investment opportunities.

Our Approach

Undertaking the sale of a business often represents a defining moment in the lives of the principals, and frequently their families and close associates, who have committed themselves to the success of that enterprise over many years. Our approach to transactions reflects both an understanding of the magnitude of such decisions for our partners and the creativity and flexibility required to provide the structure, incentives and support for our management partners to help them get the most out of their businesses.

Our Team

While FdG has access to the resources of a much larger organization through our founders and other key relationships, we prefer to maintain the hands-on approach of a small firm. Each of our senior investment professionals takes a genuine interest in our portfolio companies and has a personal stake in the success of each transaction.